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Meeting with representatives of Agrointex LLC

On May 17, 2018, a meeting with the representatives of Agrointex LLC was held in “Community Center for Development” Territorial Cooperation NGO office. During the meeting, organized in the frames of “Tavush Region Integrated and Balanced Economic Development” project, the project beneficiaries got acquainted with the largest online agriplatform in Armenia registered as www.agroshuka.am.

The newly created webpage is designed for those companies and individuals who want to buy, sell or exchange agricultural products, agricultural machinery and equipment, domestic animals and poultry, agricultural lands or other agriproducts. To upload a free announcement, you can register online in www.agroshuka.am or dial the short number 8770 to contact the operator who will help you to do that. The announcements appear on the webpage within 24 hours.

TRIBED team and beneficiaries will enhance the promotion of the newly created agriplatform in Tavush region since it directly contributes to the sale of agriproducts produced by Tavush region farmers.

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