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CCD NGO's New Initiative: Smart Village Construction

“Noyemberyan Smart Village” project implementation team welcome all partners and donors who will join our initiative to develop Armenian bordering communities, to make them socially and economically strong and self-sustainable.

The ability to create and use tools defines humans as a species. Technology is undeniably one of the things that fundamentally makes us who we are.

Our ancestors focused on technology that enabled them to master their environment. As a species, biologically, we’re simply inefficient primates. Based solely on our natural abilities, we were doomed for a short existence and a swift extinction.
What made us human and turned us into the ultimate designer and constructor of the planet is technology. Technology is the projection of our minds and imaginations into the world full of challenges, where the Armenians are to preserve their values and identity.

A socio-economically satisfied society can have strong foundations for development and prospects only in a technologically advanced community, where the residents participate and bear responsibility for the construction, protection, and development of that "Smart Community." Our initiative is intended to ensure sustainable development of community through inclusive participation of residents.
As a result of the project, a self-sustainable Smart Village (initially for 10 families) will be built in Noyemberyan Community, Tavush Region, where all the families will be provided with a modern housing, own agricultural farms and will be engaged in goat cheese production business. Half of the farm income will be shared among villagers proportionally, and the rest will be used for project expansion (construction of new houses). It is planned to increase the number of houses up to 100 within 10 years.

For project details, please, download the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cfmbQam5yAFkOCpUkgGnShaw3YXyRx6R/view?usp=sharing 

To support the Project, please, transfer your donation to the following bank accounts:

220153350065002 (EUR)
220153350073001 (USD)
220153350156000 (AMD)

Join us to support Armenian border villages!

With best regards,

CCD team

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