• March 30, 2015


Implement competitive, viable, honest and socially responsible activities addressed to public, non-governmental fields and private sector.


To be the leader in the field of developing non-governmental, international, business and community services and be a preferable partner offering consulting, educational, researching, program developing evaluation services and competitive solutions.


“Community Center for Development” territorial cooperation NGO follows these principles in collaborating with partners and customers.

  • Exceeding expectations of partners and customers
  • Keeping permanent contact with partners and customers
  • Trust towards partners and customers
  • Responsibility and privacy
  • Mutual understanding of customers’ and partners’ needs
  • Team work, cooperation and individual efforts in overall activities.
  • Creative and individual approach, flexibility and quickness in implementing projects and providing services
  • Organizing works efficiently
  • Open and transparent working environment
  • Integrating modern information technologies
  • Providing continuous professional development