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NGO and Civic Active Group Members’ Capacity Development

“Community Center for Development” territorial cooperation NGO in frames of “CSO DePo” project supports Tavush region NGOs and civic active groups to develop their capacities on the purpose of strengthening cross-border partnership and involving additional investments to solve cross-community problems. In May – August 2015 Armenian Tavush region and Georgian Kvemo-Kartly youth group members had a meeting in Georgian town Bolnisi to discuss partnership projects.

In the result of this meeting and further online discussions they developed a one-year project and made a documentary film (with Armenian, Russian and Georgian lines), which is now available online, too. The project was implemented by co-funding of “Community Center for Development” territorial cooperation NGO, WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, World Vision Armenia and Media Initiative Center.

Project implementation period: May – June 2015

Project Budget: $ 4500

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