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“Leadership” training by Joseph Dosher

On 15 October, a training, titled “Leadership”, was held in Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University with the initiative of “Community Center for Development” Territorial Cooperation NGO. More than 30 students and staff members participated in the training which was carried out by William Joseph Dosher, Peace Corps Armenia “Community and Youth Development” project volunteer, teacher, trainer.

Based on his 35-year experience in the fields of education and leadership, Mr. Dosher mentioned several important factors for a successful leader: knowledge, the ability of caring for others, change of field etc. Mr. Dosher reflected on a number of past and present leaders: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Dalai Lama, Donald Trump and others, presenting their characteristic features, enumerating the most important actions they took. Summarizing the description of the mentioned characters, the trainer defined the most important features for a leader: the ability of negotiating, using power wisely and encouraging others. The training was carried out in a friendly and interactive atmosphere.

The next training will take place on October 22.

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