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“Carrier Skills Training” started in Dilijan

On 12 July “Carrier Skills Training” started in Dilijan.

The aim of the training is to assist jobseekers to reveal their human capital, to set career goals and develop an action plan to achieve those goals. In the result of the training the participants will develop communication skills needed in everyday life, particularly in getting a job, they will highlight the obstacles in the job finding process and the possible solution to these obstacles, as well as get acquainted with job searching tools. Each participant will develop his/her CV and a sample cover letter. The training includes practical exercises and interactive discussions.

Capacity building component of the project was awarded to Management Systems: coaching, training, consulting Company located in Yerevan.

The training is organized within the framework of the “Tavush Region Integrated and Balanced Economic Development” project which is co-funded by the European Union and The Government of the Republic of Armenia. The project is implemented by “Community Center for Development” Territorial Cooperation NGO.

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