Tavush Region Women Farmers’ Capacity Development Project

In May 2018, with the financial support of “UN Staff 1% for Development Fund”, CCD NGO implemented the project of developing capacities of women farmers in bordering communities of Tavush region.

In scopes of the project, 700 hens of Super Harco breed were imported from Georgia and distributed among project beneficiaries – 20 unemployed women farmers from bordering Noyemberyan, Voskevan, Baghanis, Jujevan and Koti communities with 3 or more underage children.

Super harco is a dual purpose bird: it is effective both as a meat and egg provider. It has black feathers and medium heavy body weight. Super harco hens produce adequate number of brown eggs with modest feed consumption, therefore they are sustainable choice for small scale family farms. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned features, this breed was selected for the project, so that the small scale family farms will later be able to expand their farming and benefit from it in the form of eggs and meat.

CCD NGO team and project beneficiaries are very grateful to 1% Fund for the support and the opportunity provided to them to start their own small farming.