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Information about the Tavush Region, Armenia

Total area: 2 704 km² (9.1% of RA total territory)
Borders with: Georgia (50km) – in the west, Azerbaijan (300km) – in the North and East
Center: Ijevan
Population: 124 500 people
Urban population: 52 500 people
Rural population: 72 000 people
Communities: 62 (5 towns, 57 villages)
Agricultural lands: 110 751.5ha (of which arable lands: 25 577.7ha)
Forests: 105 000 ha (40% of the total area)
Priority sectors in the Tavush Region: agriculture, tourism, industry


• Great potential
• Varied climate zones (from subtropical to Alpine meadows)
• Access to foreign markets (Georgia, Eurasian Economic Union)
• No mines and mining industry
• Opportunities for organic agriculture
• Clean water


• Historical and cultural monuments (ancient monastery complexes and carved rock fortresses, nearly 800 documented historical sites and cross stones, bridges, tombs, etc.)
• Medical tourism (fresh, clean air, mineral water springs, forests, fields and valleys rich in medical herbs)
• Agrotourism (CNN names Armenia as one of the top 15 wine tourism destinations in the world)
• Educational tourism (international school, “Tumo” Center for Creative Technologies, Ayb School, Armath engineering club-laboratories, etc.)


• Tax privileges
• Inexpensive workforce
• Access to external markets
• Engineering tradition

Competitive Advantages for Investment

• Tax exemption: 24 border villages in the Tavush Region are exempt from all taxes
• High level of education
• Natural and climatic excellent conditions
• Main gate of Armenia
• Membership to Eurasian Economic Union: removal of administrative bans between member states that allows free movement of goods, services, capital and people, no custom duties
• GSP: Armenia currently enjoys GSP beneficiary status with Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and the USA
• Since 2009, Armenia has also been included in the list of countries granted GSP+ by the European Union. This allows Armenia to export to the EU 6400 products and pay fewer or no duties on exports
• Free trade agreement with Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Moldova
• Free trade with CIS countries
• Negotiations on free trade with over 30 different countries, including China, South Korea, Ira, Egypt
• Favourable market opportunities with Georgia
• Membership to the World Trade Organization (2003)

“Community Center for Development” Territorial Cooperation NGO team is ready to establish sustainable relationships with investors and investment organizations and use their promotional capacities in:
• supporting negotiation between stakeholders
• carrying out market research
• developing investment projects
• developing a marketing strategy for product and service promotion
• developing human potential

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