Leardership School students in Noyemberyan High School

American Peace Corps volunteer and CCD team member Jody Dosher is teaching at the Leadership School at the invitation of the School Founder, Samvel Movsisyan. In the result of this cooperation, on 28 April, a meeting-discussion was held in Noyemberyan High School with participation of Leardership School students and more than 80 pupils from Noyemberyan and Koghb communities. The Leadership School students shared their experience, presented the most required professions in Armenia, talked about the role of education and the advantages of a multi-faceted education, the importance of expanding their potential. AT the end of the meeting the participants exchanged their contacts and the adult students expressed willingness to help the future students in getting necessary literature and books, to provide consultations in choosing future profession and in another education related issues.

Many thanks to Jody Dosher, Leadership School and Noyemberyan High School helping arrange the event.